Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Exorcist By Karl

I was sitting in church one day listening to Rev John preach. There was a stranger lady who came in, she had a very strong body odors. After about ten minutes of sitting behind me and doing nothing, she suddenly started screaming and shouting at Rev John, saying his words were rubbish. She called him all sorts of vulgar names and flung the chairs to the floor. We were all very frightened. We all prayed.

A few brothers caught hold of her but she was extremely strong. It took about six of us brothers and sisters to hold her down.

Rev John told most of the congregation to go out. He kept a few of us who were stronger in faith. We prayed continuously for a few hours, calling on the Lord for help. I heard the lady speak in many different voices. Finally, she passed out. Rev John said the evil spirit had been subdued and cast out.

We took her to one of our house. Since then we have tried helping her. She is quite normal now, but sometimes she will look into the air with a glassy expression on her face. She makes me wonder.


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