Saturday, October 17, 2009

Penampakan hantu

The ghost is arround us, but we dont know and we can not see them because they were available in another dimension. The plot of ghost revolves around the internet, asking are we really still “connected” to fellow human beings anymore? The ghost answer: of course not. have you ever watch kuntilanak ghost? With technology we’re actually more isolated. The ghost world is very similar and that shared loneliness creates a bridge between the two worlds. You will never see the ghost although you are using he technology. The ghosts don’t have an evil plan. They just don’t want to be alone. Ghost theme is that we live alone, and remain alone after death. There are no happy endings, and even the closest of people can never truly connect. Each person is an individual, and within each individual is a bottomless pit of loneliness that never ends. they are really available. but they willnever hurt you if you dont hurt them. be aware with the ghost

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